Bac Trung Nam Seafood Joint Stock Company (BTN) was established on May 6, 2009, formerly known as UNITY Vietnam Joint Stock Company.

The founder, Mrs. Vu Thi Thu Hong - Chairman of the Board and the Director of BTN Company and other members of the Board of Directors have founded a united, enthusiastic family with dedication to the seafood business.


                Chairman of the Board and the Directors of BTN Company

Over 25 years of operation, BTN is proud to become a supplier of millions of safe and quality seafood products for Vietnamese consumers, with that enthusiasm, BTN is always committed to bring to consumers with products bringing "THE QUINTESSENECE OF NATURE – THE FRESHESS OF SEA”.

With criteria: BTN only sells what we can eat as a promise while Vietnam is rife with dirty food. This is really a challenge, a battle of survival, when we can not distinguish between real and fake; moreover, sometimes it seems like the company could not survive. Our point of view "Maintaining is the class" that helps the leadership and the BTN staff and officers remember. We are always determined to fight, sometimes having to accept the loss of billions VND due to cancellation of poor quality goods instead of trying to sell for capital recovery, as the lesson of 2016, 2017.

BTN has gone through so many fierce periods of the marketplace over 25 years on seafood and food industry, which is a solid premise for every step up the planned stairs, creating strong confidence FOR REACHING OUT TO THE WORLD together.