Mission, vision, core values

Mission, vision, core values

2.1 Mission: 

* Supporting fishermen in quality management right after fishing at sea with NANO ICE technology, always keeping THE QUINTESSENECE OF NATURE – THE FRESHESS OF SEA, contributing to help Vietnamese fishermen to protect their homeland and at the same time BTN has more sources of fresh fish to stabilize production, reduce import of raw materials.
* Providing Vietnamese with high quality products, with many good nutrients for health & beauty such as Collagen, Olive, Lowcarb ... in products with good prices to Vietnamese families, contributing to repel dirty foods in the market.
* Successfully developing BAC TRUNG NAM SEAFOOD brand; VIETTUNA, FOOD89, VIETKI, TUNA123 in Vietnam as well as in the world, confirming the Vietnamese brand name, that has contributed to enhance the position of Vietnam's trade in the international arena, collect a lot of foreign currencies for BTN Company, contributing to the export growth of Vietnam.

2.2 Vision:

* Over 10 years from 2009 to 2019 BTN has successfully developed the brand BAC TRUNG NAM SEAFOOD, creating a foundation for production to reach out the world.
* For 5 years from  2020 to 2025 BTN is determined to successfully develop VIETTUNA, FOOD89, TUNA123 brands, BTN's prestigious brands to the world, focusing on Japan, Germany ... creating a strong premise for exporting to many countries and distributing domestically.
* Successfully building the 4.0 technology factory with the most advanced equipment from Europe, using robots in production to reduce costs, risks and absolute safety for products and services provided by BTN to the market.

2.3 Core values: 

Over 25 years of experience in the market, BTN has had a wide distribution network throughout the country and trusted by many domestic and international partners for setting up cooperative relationships. 
That development is made by 5 things: Credibility maintenance, maximum quality, community sharing, business culture, advanced technology.
The company has institutionalized these 5 values in all production and business management activities as its brand.